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What Are You Currently Driving?

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Decided to start a thread to see what our members are currently driving and if they'll be adding the E-Pace to the driveway or if the E-Pace will be the replacement.

I'm currently driving a 2013 Toyota Venza and I absolutely hate it so I will definitely be doing a vehicle replacement with the E-Pace. Keeping the Venza will be of no point because I really don't need 2 small SUVs.
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I'm currently driving around the new Honda Civic Sedan but that thing just sits so low and there's not enough trunk space to suit my needs, especially after the past winter season when I'm trying to shoehorn in everyone's snowboard/ski gear.
Did you look at the new Civic Hatch before buying the sedan ??
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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