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Weird ticking noise

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Hi there I have a 2019 plate e-pace just had its first m.o.t at jaguar, since then the alarm goes off randomly which jaguar came out and sorted that but now when parked after 5-6 hours there is a strange ticking noise almost sounds like water dripping, if I unlock and then lock the car again it stops until another 5-6 hours the. Starts again. Could anyone shed any light on this at all please. Kind regards DEEEJ6
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I have a 19 epace. How do you set the alarm? I guess I did not know it shipped with an alarm system. Never had it go off anyway.
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I have a 19 epace. How would you set the caution? I surmise I didn't realize it sent with a caution framework. At any rate, never had it go off.
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