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Triangle Signal on Dashboard

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Hello everyone,

i am a proud owner of a 2019 Jaguar E-Pace and experiencing this problem as of late.

on occasions, couple of time a day, i get triangle signal or the dashboard, picture attached, as soon as-it happens, the car and steering wheel start to shake a bit.

this usually happens when i am on a highway, and speed is over 40km/h.

i searched and couldn't find an explanation, and thought to revert to this forum to maybe find some luck.

picture isn't too clear, as it usually shows up for 2 seconds and then disappears as if all is back to normal.

thank you all


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That's your lane assist. It's trying to tell you that you are straying from your lane. I have mine set to push me back so I don't even have to see the display.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts