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Stop sale on certain 2019 E-Paces lifted

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It was reported back in October that certain E-Pace crossovers may have left the factory without crucial software that could not be retrofitted. This prevented owners from using features like navigation and Apple CarPlay. JLW is offering customers a whopping $600 in options credit as compensation, with no fix planned.
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Its not a good look when Japanese brands are catching up. Its probably why the sales of Lexus SUV's and CUV's continue to rise.
Is there any idea of how many models were affected by this? I know they provided a list of implicated VINS, but I wonder if dealers still have these on lots and will be selling them unbeknown to buyers.
Not sure how many vehicles with out with this issue, but its odd that it wasn't a problem for 2018 models. Sounds like QA took a hit during a production push.
Whoever has this issue might be able organize a buy back because the resale value of these won't be good and not something we should put up with.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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