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Single touch or double touch for door lock buttons?

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New to forum, so not sure if this belongs in Exterior/Interior posts or here. My topic is regarding the exterior touch door lock buttons.

I have read that if you tap the indent in the door handle once, this locks the doors and sets alarm (and folds in mirrors). Essentially same as pressing the lock button on your fob one time. Then if you double tap the door handle indent area, this will set the motion sensors and will provide an audible 'beep' to confirm this has been set. Again, same as if you were to double tap your lock button on the fob. If you don't get the double tap on the door handle indent just right, you end up essentially canceling out your first tap and the mirrors unfold and the door unlocks. Frustrating.

I have really had issue with getting the double tap to work consistently on the door handle. It does work, as i was persistent and had to get the timing of my taps 'perfect', but it does work. So, I took it to dealership to ask if there was a sensitivity setting they could adjust so that i can get the double tap a bit easier. Their response: the double tap does not do anything. You only need to do the single tap to lock doors and arm alarm. I am wondering if anyone can confirm for sure that there is a difference with the single tap and double tap? The fact that i do get the audible beep when i do get the double tap right and the fact the fob shows the two different taps on the lock button, tells me there is a difference. If i take the dealers' interpretation, they are saying all the features are armed with the first tap. Any insights?? I am going back for a follow up service when a small part comes in, so would like to press the point if they are just not right. Essentially, i don't anticipate there is a sensitivity adjustment, so this may all be for no reason anyhow...
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The double touch lock is for anti theft. It means if someone breaks in they cannot unlock it from the inside. I use it regularly as I have on street parking 🙂
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