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SIM card

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Hi All - just picked up a P250 today. Changed over from an Evoque diesel. Much happier being back in petrol and not having to deal with DPF and Ad-Blue issues!

I look forward to being a part of this forum.

My initial question - probably best directed to other Australian based owners - concerns the SIM card. I have purchased an Optus pre paid data card (suitable for a tablet etc) but the car does not recognise it. Any suggestions?


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No, but I’m interested in the solution.... I was planning on getting a Telstra data only sim...
I got an Optus cheap data plan sim and it works fine... inserting was a drama though. It’s upside down to what it appears in the pic in the console...
I just bought an additional SIM card with unlimited data from my provider (Salt). When SIM card is inserted, display first says "reading SIM", then "unlock SIM". I don't get the "mobile settings" pop-up window. Now, I read in the manual that "Some network operators may lock SIM cards to operate in specific devices only." Did I spend money for the birds?
Problems of being an early adopter. You might have some luck in asking sales people at the dealer what worked for them.
They are the first to have these cars long-term and use it as if it were their own.
This morning, a window popped up on the screen, reminding me that the SIM card was still locked and asking me if I wanted to enter the PIN code. I did and since then, it's all working - got the bird's view and the traffic information. :)
One thing I still don't understand: If your car has its own SIM card, why do you still need to use your mobile phone to access apps like Spotify or AccuWeather?
JLR has long lagged behind rivals when it comes to their infotainment system and smart phone integration. It looks like they will be updating this however, starting with the I-Pace.
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So, in the end, I'm spending €10 a month for a second SIM card just for the satellite view and the traffic information which you get on a VW Golf without a SIM card and much more precise...
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