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SIM card reader malfunction

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Hello everyone
Am new to this forum and this is my first post.
I purchased an E Pace HSE D 150 about 3 months back. I have been using the inbuilt SIM reader to get the live traffic updates, weather and sometimes news. I was using a mobile SIM(not a dedicated data SIM). Last week I had to change my SIM. When I inserted the new SIM, it failed to capture the network. The SIM working fine when I put it into a tablet (it’s a data-only SIM). I got a replacement SIM with no luck. When I tried my old SIM, it wasn’t working either. I tried another SIM. But looks like SIM reader has malfunctioned now.
Any suggestions from you guys? Could that be a software glitch or a hardware problem? How easy/difficult it is to replace the SIM reader?
Thank you.
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I don't know if you're having the same problem I had, but this sounds very familiar to me...

I had a similar problem last year - SIM not being recognized, real-time traffic flow not working - essentially, my car had no connection to the outside world.

I went back and forth with the dealer - software updates, and other "tweaks" - until the woman who sold me the car finally figured it out...

It wasn't the SIM card - it was the master unit (located in the overhead console) that connects the car to the outside world. Once that was replaced, everything worked as expected.

Good luck!!
just got a 2018 E-pace and it didn't have a sim card at all. I would like to know where (other than dealer) or how I can get one. 4hrs to closest dealership. Thanks
I took my E pace to the local dealer. He had to change the central consol and now the car got back the connectivity through 4G.

Hello cdoghump, are talking about just a SIM card or a SIM card reader? If you don't have SIM card reader then I don't think that's something you can fit aftermarket. Its integrated with media infotainment system of the car. I hope that helps.
Thanks for your reply! In the center console there is a place to put a sim card but it was not in there. The sim card reader is built in, right?
Hello cdoghump
If you have a place to put in a SIM card, then just buy a data-only SIM and you should be alright to use it. But to begin with, charge your SIM only with a small value and make sure it is working fine. The company recommends to use data only SIM but for some reasons, in my car data only SIM doesn't work. I have put a calling/phone SIM and it's working fine.
Sorry for the delayed reply.
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