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Sale Dates

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When will the E-Pace be available in your country? According to the Telegraph, it should go on sale in the UK this year though I can't find a specific time. It'll also be available in China this year as well.
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I have a friend in Canada that says BC residents should expect them to show up around Feb 2018. However, given the fact there's a major Canadian Auto Show that takes place before that, we should get confirmation before February is over.
Assuming other countries will follow suit shortly, perhaps the E-Pace will start arriving around February elsewhere including the UK and China.
With the Detriot show here i'm surprised that we haven't heard a thing about the E-Pace leaving the Geneva show as the next chance we could hear something. Don't know why Jaguar is staying so tight-lipped even around one of the industries biggest shows.
Next Week Portugal launch.... facebook news from Jaguar Portugal
A Canadian publication got their hands on the E-Pace which hopefully means that those in North America get the E-Pace soon enough.

First Drive: 2018 Jaguar E-Pace | Driving

Sometimes dealers have launch days that potential owners can be invited to, if you guys ask around you might get invited.
In The Netherlands you can buy them now..i just bought mine.. delivery time is about 12 weeks..mine was already at the dealership, this friday i'm driving a brand new E Pace 250hp AWD in Farallon Pearl Black

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