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Real time traffic flow - problem

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I just leased a 2018 E pace, and suddenly the real time traffic flow (red/yellow/green on nav map) is showing only red on all roadways.

Do I need a mobile data plan to use this feature?

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Someone I know experiencing this issue tried the following: "Once you have turned the traffic on you also need to pick the map option with the traffic as the view - it's the one that has the little box with lines in it (from memory). Then you get lovely coloured lines everywhere and a list of traffic events at the side to highlight and check on." It worked for them and hopefully does for you! Let us know.
Thanks, JagMan - I appreciate your reply.

Your suggestion does work and will display both traffic flow and events - but, I found out that my issue is a little more involved...

As it turns out, my new data plan (which I started after my trial expired) isn't being recognized by my SIM card. The dealer has seen this issue before and they think (and I hope!) a software update will solve the problem. If that doesn't work, they'll replace the SIM card. I have an appointment next week and my fingers are tightly crossed - I really rely on the real time traffic flow feature during my commute!

I'll keep you posted!
Hey @Pibble18, glad to hear it was a partial solution. As for the rest, its beyond my knowledge and might be one of the first cases like it reported.

Looking forward to your update as it might help someone else in the same boat.
Hi @JagMan - It wasn't the SIM card after all. It was the master unit that allows the car to connect to the outside world. They replaced that a few days ago, and all has been well. Apparently, this is a known issue, although I can't find any mention of it online...
Sometimes it can require deeper digging. Facebook groups, if there's one for the E-Pace, might have useful info.
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