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Official E-Pace Reveal Tonight

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It's happening! Jaguar will unveil the new E-Pace at a special event in London at 8pm tonight. After staring at spy shots for so long, we're all probably excited to see the F-Pace's younger sibling fully uncovered. I don't think we can watch it live, but there will definitely be a lot of videos and pictures from publications tomorrow.
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I wasn't expecting much from the reveal compared to what Jaguar did with the F-Pace, but they surprised me by doing a barrel roll with the E-Pace. Didn't think the car was capable of that.

Literally any vehicle is capable of that. The amount of calculations and tests they needed to get that done is what got the E-Pace to do it. It's nothing special, nor is it anything to really look at and take note of.
If you looks very closely at the landing, you can see the rear wheel give out and that's when the jump shot ends. The E-Pace may be able to make the jump, but it didn't survive it like the F-Pace. Still a memorable reveal for their more affordable SUV and that's most likely what Jaguar was going for.
"Wrekt" as the kids would say? It does make sense as that is a tremendous amount of awkward force. It's not a flat landing at all so I can see why it would get real damaged.

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That rear wheel is getting stanced the natural way. :D Which is hopefully something I never see on an E-Pace.
Looking at the runway, it makes me think of just how far it had to travel to get up to speed, how fast it accelerates, etc. Just to make that jump.
I would kind of like to know that as well, but either way, I'm sure... or I would hope... you aren't going to be putting your E-Pace to the test like that hahaha ! Keep all four wheels on the ground and I'm sure you'll never encounter that ;)
The E-Pace uses a combination of ultra-high-strength steels, lightweight aluminum and advanced composites. So what kind of material is the wheel axles made of to take that kind of abuse?
Probably steel? that seems to be the most likely option and assuming axles these days takes a heavy beating from poorly maintained roads, I'd assume Jaguar would use something that's "ultra-high-strength". We'd never jump the E-Pace, but at least we'll know that it can handle years of pothole abuse.
Still interesting to read how they finally nailed the jump for the reveal. Apparently the test vehicles landed on all side of the body during practice, even the roof. :D
They finally nailed it after a heck of a lot of tries, a ton of data collection, extremely precise speed and timing control.. Practice makes perfect and that's essentially in a nut shell what they did. Constant practice.
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