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No Seat Heaters???

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Hello forum, I am a first time poster.

I just purchased a 2019 R-Dynamic HSE and noticed that the display screen does not have a icon for seat heater!!! I did a hard reset at the shop and it still does not appear. I have perforated leather seats which indicates that I have them but can't access the controls... Has this happened to any of you?


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I have a black 19 HSE R-Dynamic and I use the seat heaters all the time, the wife loves'em! You can select not only the level of heating but also if you prefer it on your back, butt or both! It does take much longer than our Merc to heat up, and it never really heats up to Merc standards, but for long road adventures, it works fine. We also have a Hyundai and I would say the same thing. The one thing Jag does different in the seat heater area is allow you to select which body part gets warmed.

The steering wheel heater would have also been nice, but that feature was tied to a heated windshield. That alone is not an issue, however the heated windshield has hundreds of embedded wires in the glass which make the view ever so slightly fuzzy and I strongly prefer a clear view out the front.

Pic of my car with fuel wheels, custom grill and a bunch of other stuff. What can I say, I like to diddy up my cars : )
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