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Hey @nh-hse, congrats on the HSE! Have you been experiencing any issues so far? Heard from some owners the E-Pace had a tough run to start.
Yeah I'm actively looking into positive/negative feedback and there are concerns...

"The Absolute Worst Vehicle I Have Owned!
I am actually scared to drive my E-Pace. The engine loses power (both on the freeway and in the city) and no matter how hard I tried to accelerate, the engine would not go over 30-35 mph. This is frightening, especially when on a 5-lane freeway. Jaguar's response, "take it to the dealer, have them ride with you and see if you can replicate the problem." The dealer stated they already aware of the problem and Jaguar is testing a "software patch," so why would I risk my life trying to replicated a problem that they know exists? My E-Pace is literally parked and is only driven when a second vehicle is not available. A horrible vehicle!"
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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