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Need For Low Mileage Standard Servicing Or Reduced Scope?

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I have an E-Pace First Edition (Petrol) which as of April 2021 will be three years old. It has done 4080 miles, was serviced by Jaguar after year one on target, and again after year two a couple of months late because of the pandemic.
My question is, with the mileage only at 4080 and not likely to increase much in the short or indeed in the long term after lockdowns, because I do not drive much anyway, what should be the scope of service at the end of year three which is coming up? Standard or reduced scope?
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No idea. I called my dealership and asked about the 21,000 mile oil change and if anything else needs service before 21K miles (bizarre) and I was told "no". I asked about tire rotation (tires are tires and need rotation), the service manager said only if I prefer to rotate, otherwise "no". Yesterday, a "low coolant" alert appeared on my instrument panel. Great. I have 9600 miles. How can fluids go 21K? Service is easy. I have time and money. Why would I want to harm a brand new car?
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