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Meridian Audio System

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Has anyone heard the Meridian audio systems in the F-Pace or any other Jaguars in general? Haven't gotten the chance to test them out but I'm hoping their adequate.

The F-Pace for example has a standard 11-speaker system which is 380 watts including subwoofer. The upgraded system offers 17-speakers and is 825 watts including subwoofer. That's a pretty big difference in power output through the audio and I'm really picky.

So... any experiences or heard anything anyone?
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All we can do is read what people are saying of the Meridian Audio System in the F-Pace and so far they have been positive. SOmeone called it outstanding and it has the clearest Treble.
Well... that's warming to hear. I think I my just take a stop by a dealership and see what it sounds like on a test drive as well. Hopefully we can get something close to a 17 speaker upgrade!
17 speakers may be a bit much for the E-Pace depending on how much space the interior has. I think 11 speakers is more than enough.
Trying to think of how the setup would be...

mid-range and tweeter on the dash (4 speakers total)
mid-range on the doors (2 speakers)
mid range and tweeters on rear doors (for full effect, 4 speakers)
subwoofer in the rear?
If you really want the Meridian audio system with 17 speakers and it's not offered with the E-Pace, then you may need to cut into the body a bit. But a good layout would look similar to what the F-Pace has.

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Adding speakers is always a really tedious task and requires a good bit of fab. I'd definitely not take that route at all as they're permanent modifications at that point. Replacing the existing speakers is the route I'd go, which of course majority of anyone else would do as well.
So the layout would look similar to what we're seeing on the F-Pace, but remove the rear midrange speakers, the bass and a few others.
Shouldn't be too hard so long as the aftermarket set fits perfectly into the factory speaker holes. Poorly fitted speakers can rattle and sound horrible.
That's why it's always recommended to go to an audio shop to get work like this done if you're not familiar with it. A lot of things to look at when considering buying replacement speakers other than just saying "Well, there is a 6" in there right now, I'll just buy any aftermarket 6" that has good reviews and put that in it's place"
A better way to start might be to get sound proofing done. That alone could help generate the sort of audio quality you want. Car makers don't always include enough of it especially in vehicles like this for obvious reasons.
Sound proofing does help, but it's definitely a tedious task to strip everything down and install it properly. It's also not cheap and quite heavy too and it all depends on how crazy you want to go with it.
If you're thinking of replacing the whole system by yourself anyways, I assume you know how to remove the interior panels yourself to install the insulation. But it can be a bit stressful if you don't want to damage anything in the process.

Best to leave it to the professionals and ask them to add in more insulation while they're at it. doesn't hurt and shouldn't cost too much.
I remember getting a quote to dynamat a car that I had a while back.. to Dynamat the doors and trunk completely, it was in the $500 range. Getting a full on properly done Dynamat job can cost upwards of $1000.00
I stand corrected. Maybe start with the base and then move on to other speakers later on down the road or if you can figure out how to do it yourselves.
Lol pretty much.

These days head units are so complicated or have a whole bunch of other things integrated into one infotainment system so adding a set of subwoofers in the back generally isn't that bad using a line-converter.

Changing speakers is just real iffy because you don't know if you need adaptors and all of those things
Some modifications are better left to the experts, but you can still shop around for the speakers themselves even if you don't plan on doing the installation. But for those who are happy with factory, I heard the 825 Meridian Surround Sound System is outstanding and you can choose from Meridian or Dolby or DTS.
Most definitely. You can do a world of bad that'll really set you back a lot more than being helpful in any way possible if you don't know what you're doing haha.

Glad to hear the Meridian surround sound system is good enough though. Did anyone mention how the Dolby or DTS system stacked up against it?
Probably one of the better examples out there of what sound proofing can accomplish is this Kia:

Do that to you Jaguar and even just the sound the doors make when closing will impress you.
Definitely very worth it but it's just coughing up that money to get it done and having someone do it for you. Tearing apart an interior to that degree straight from brand new would slightly hurt too. Adds a good amount of weight as well.
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