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Jaguar E-Pace VS Volvo XC40

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Not really familiar with the publication called Brinkwire, but they do look into why interest in the E-PAce has waned a bit over time compared to the Volvo XC40 when both were unveiled around the same time.
The main complaint they listed was of the E-Pace's interior, claiming it was botched in terms of quality.
"Unlike how it is with the F-Pace, the quality is noticeably lower inside the E-Pace. In the XC40's case, anything that you can get in the XC60 and the XC90 are offered on the compact SUV."

What does everyone think?
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Volvo has a lot of proving to do but the same can be said for Jaguar however most people already know what to expect of Jaguar and have a higher view of them as a brand. I will wait for reviews to roll in, who knows maybe one of them will convince me to get the XC40 over this Jaguar.
AutoExpress is one publication I trust and they seem to be a fan of the E-Pace in light of its interior shortcomings. They even made a note of this be saying "the simple nature of the interior won't wow everyone who sits in it." Where it shines is its on road performance and practicality. If Jaguar could just get peoepl to test drive it instead of basing their decision o looks alone, perhaps they can beat the XC40 in sales.
A new comparison review came out and the BMW X2 has been added to the mix; BMW X2 & Jaguar E-Pace vs Volvo XC40
So far the XC40 is still number one because of how roomy it is and the car's decent performance. The E-Pace could have done better but Jaguar needs to make a few improvements in the next gen model like better interior quality and give it a more peppy engine.
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