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Jaguar E-Pace Spy Video

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This one sounds like it's a diesel. But here's a spy video posted by motor authority on Youtube.

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The E-Pace's exterior resembles the styling of the F-Pace, just scaled down. That means we could be seeing the F-Pace's taillights, tapered roofline, rear end and front facisa on the E-Pace.
That would make me extremely happy, I've always had a big liking of the styling cues they hit. Hopefully we'll also get an SVR edition with more aggressive bumpers too!
Maybe what we're hearing is the Ingenium 2.0 litre 4 cylinder diesel engine, but detuned so it doesn't compete with the base more F-Pace.
I would hope they don't detune it too much... but either way, the diesel would be more geared for Europe and it's not even the engine I have on my radar so I don't mind as it doesn't matter to me lol
The prototype's should have its cover pulled this summer so we can see it fully. Right now the video's angle is showing me a bit more detail from the side profile with the pinched metal going from the front fender to the rear and there seems to be a a raised ridge under that pinched line.
Which is pretty different from the F-Pace as it's very smooth along the sides until you hit the lower portion in the same region the E-Pace above shows.
The E-Pace in that new video shows off a trailer hitch and it's drifting around a snowy track. I'm amazed with how much traction it has where everything looks controlled.
Looks like it was an AWD variant. AWD vehicles in snow allow you to have a lot of fun but they are extremely forgiving as they correct without much effort at all.
When it comes to size and proportions this seems all too similar to the Evoque, but that might not be a bad thing since for all we know all the Evoque needed was sporty DNA. Now that will make sales of the E-Pace vs Evoque an interesting comparo. Evoque has been losing in buyer interest.
That's because the Evoque's design hasn't really changed much over the years while Jaguar's new E-Pace is sporting a fresh look. And the F-Pace set the precedence for the brand's future models. They may not be as powerful as the F-Pace, but the brand's name if out there and people are more aware of it.
Size and proportions are similar to everything in it's segment. That's a normal thing in my opinion. It's the features and design that really makes the difference and impact and they have that on point.
That would make me incredibly cheerful, I've generally had a major enjoying of the styling signs they hit. Ideally we'll likewise get a SVR release with additional forceful guards as well!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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