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Jaguar E-Pace Photo Thread

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Just going to post the rendering photos that look pretty accurate down here and as we get official un-camoflauge images, we can update the thread with them.

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I think the renderings from automedia and autocar are the best looking ones and close in shape to what we've seen so far in Jaguar's current lineup. And I may be a bit biased towards the hint of blue in the first one.
They all look pretty good to me as far as realistic goes, but the last two seem too concept-esque in the sense that they lack a lot of detail.
I've just noticed that the side panels of these renderings reminds me of the Range Rover Evoque, maybe even have the same pinched lines in the production model if the camouflage bumps are accurate.
The side panels will probably look like the F-Pace except for that extra rear fender haunch. At this point, all the renderings seems pretty accurate in terms of the general body lines, they don't really have much to work on with how well covered the mules are.
First rendering is probably the best example to me since it creates the sort of transition I see from Cayenne to Macan. Porsche knows design and it pays for a brand like Jaguar to follow their lead
It's pretty much just downsizing the F-Pace and cleaning it up a little bit lol. I'm pretty sure these are on point and generally what we'll be getting no problem
and that's all it will ever be aside from small subtle differences.

what porsche did with the Macan was a good example, main design difference was with the tail lights, jaguar could be doing something of a similar effect
With how well the F-Pace sold, Jaguar would probably want to stay close to that formula and only change a few things so they won't look exactly the same. Though I wouldn't say not to more paint customizations.
The F-Pace has like 6 different variations that go from black, silver, gray kind thing. They really only have three "colors" being two shades of blue, a green, and a red.

What other colors would you be interested in?
Starting to think that an SVR E-Pace could look better than this SVR F-Pace rendering:

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Rendering didn't post but I think it'll all come down to perception. Those that like the bigger body will prefer an F-Pace SVR and those that want a sleeker sort of look will prefer the E-Pace.
I can see the E-Pace taking on some of that aggressive styling from the F-Pace render but with a smaller body and steeper slope in the rear.
Someone needs to post this F-Pace render cause I can't see it lol
could be on your end, I can see the rendering just fine and from where the slits are on the E-Pace compared to the rendering, we could see similar grille design, led strips, and lower grille on the production model.
Alright.. I can see it now which is weird as I'm using the same browser that I haven't updated lol. Anyhow, I can see the E Pace taking traits from that rendering and it doesn't look like anything that wouldn't be production. Love the hood vents that look like they're off the F-Type
What makes this tough is we don't have real world examples to work off of, this will be the first time Jaguar is getting into real performance all due to a product that allows them to. Not as easy when you have models not nearly as lucrative overall.
Well now they're really pushing it. The XE is getting SVR treatment soon. The F-Pace as well. F-Type already has it. The E-Pace seems like a great candidate for it as I can't see them doing it with the I-Pace.
Wow, uprated 575 horsepower engine for the SVR coupe. I can see this happening with the F-Pace first before Jaguar moves onto the E-Pace since its larger sibling seems to be more performance oriented to begin with.
Well it's already happening with the F-Pace and looking at how long it took them to get to it, I predict we wouldn't really see an E-Pace SVR for at least a year from deliveries. They won't jump the gun and offer it MY or anything crazy like that.
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