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Jaguar E-Pace Interior Spied In Detail

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Jaguar's latest crossover has been photographed by KGP Photography and this time it seems to be going through a daily use test, where the trunk is loaded with whatever the average owner throws back there and they managed to get a pretty clear shot of the cabin area as well.

With its rising popularity, the SUV and crossover segments are where the money is made and so far the F-Pace has been helping Jaguar keep their lights on. Riding the wave is the upcoming E-Pace with an all-electric variant to follow. So far, we've seen spy shots of the camouflaged crossover being test driven on track and now we're seeing a right-hand-drive mule being used as a daily driver.

These spy shots gives us a clear look at how the E-Pace's lift gate opens. Compared to other crossovers with tailgate openings that encroaches into the rear quarters, the E-Pace employs a rounded-off liftgate. When fully opened, the gate seems to sit pretty high up so there's no need to bend too much when loading/unloading cargo.

A look into the cabin doesn't yield much as most of the dash and interior panels are covered by black material, but we do see a joystick shifter instead of a pop-up rotary gear selector, which seems to be more and more common in the Jaguar and Land Rover lineups.

Jaguar should be debuting the E-Pace this summer with its winter sale date approaching.
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My favorite part about these shots is that rear end shot. How easy/hard it is to load/unload things matters since my line of work requires carrying enough equipment to fill a quarter to half of the cargo area. They just better do away with manual hatch function... this is 2017.
What I hate is a high trunk lip, hassle to load large and heavy items when you're trying to lift it higher than necessary but it's just me nitpicking. It looks like the E-Pace shares a steering wheel with the F-Pace; makes me wonder what else is shared between the two models. Though it's definitely not the center armrest with such a different design.
One problem I see with the E-Pace trunk is how high the loading lip is, combined with a high trunk floor and you have reduced loading space. I hope that means there's a spare tire under the cargo floor to justify that lost space.
That lip doesn't look bad at all and doesn't look much different from what you see on the market right now. It's just that weather stripping seal that they have for when the trunk is closed I think.
It's really hard to tell without a closer shot of the trunk, and we can barely make out much from the interior shot as well. Only the odd bit of wire sticking out from the center armrest and that's probably used to charge and iphone.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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