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Jaguar E-Pace Features Overview

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Driving Performance

From what we can see listed below, the E-Pace is ready to take on just about anything in its segment when it comes to performance. If the XE and F-Pace are any indication of what we'll get with respect to it's unique configuration, then the E-Pace will be a real treat. Yes it can make nearly 300HP and complete the 0-60 in 5.9 seconds but there's a lot left that reviews should be covering very soon.

The E-PACE chassis has been developed to deliver agile and refined on-road dynamics. Aluminum chassis components are used to improve suspension performance by increasing rigidity. To increase ride comfort, the E-PACE has a fully independent suspension system with a multi-link rear suspension design.

All Surface Progress Control (ASPC) helps give added confidence in slippery conditions. It's a low-speed cruise control that helps the E-PACE cope with low-traction situations, whatever the weather - allowing you to concentrate on steering.

From the rear it looks like your typical modern Jaguar but come to the front and design takes on a unique twist. Not only do a new E-Pace specific headlight design but LED lighting all throughout the exterior. Large 21 inch wheels and a Panoramic roof makes the E-Pace feel bigger.

In profile, the sweeping roofline of the E-PACE blends with a spoiler that sits over a steeply raked rear window. Optional 21" alloy wheels further underscore the sporting character of the E-PACE. From behind, full LED taillights provide a truly distinctive night-time signature.

Choose our optional fixed panoramic glass roof to flood your E‑PACE interior with light and enhance the airy, spacious feeling. Bringing the outside in, it gives everyone superb views of the sky.

For striking on-road presence, the E-PACE features all-round exterior LED lighting. LED lights are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle and are more fuel-efficient as they use less energy.

A range of wheel options are available to enhance the sporting character of the E-PACE. Choose from a wide selection of contemporary and dynamic designs in a range of sizes up to 21"


Hop inside the driver focused interior and immediately you'll feel like its much sportier than Jaguar is making it out to be. Just like the F-Type, your front passenger also gets a grab handle. Sporty features aside, the E-Pace is very welcoming with its Panoramic roof and Ambient Interior Lighting, adequate storage space and a collection of interior material and color configurators to make it your own.

In the E‑PACE, every component has been meticulously designed to deliver a refined, tactile experience. The cockpit wraps around the driver, and the SportShift gear selector sits at your fingertips. The stylish infinity rear view mirror has a frameless design.

The deep center console with removable cup holders is suitable for smaller tablets or four 75 cl bottles stored flat. The spacious glovebox is great for all those essentials you want to keep close at hand - like the center console's removable cup holders. Both deep front door bins have been sculpted to carry a range of items including phones, cans and a 1.5-liter bottle of water.

Like the XE, F-Type and F-Pace, connectivity features are very much the same. At the center of it all is the 10-inch Touch Pro screen, an optional (and recommended) 12.3-inch Interactive Driver Display, Heads-Up display and a rich sounding Meridian Sound System.

InControl features intuitive and advanced integrated technologies to ensure everyone can make the most of their journey. The 10" Touch Pro screen at the heart of the center console supports swipe and pinch gestures and delivers rich audiovisual entertainment.

To enrich the in-car experience, Touch Pro offers up to 4 customizable home screens and fast response times as well as voice control. The interactive side panel lets you select from a choice of panels - so your main screen area can be used for navigation, while the side panel provides phone controls. Simply swipe up and down to switch between multiple panels.

The optional Head-Up Display (HUD) presents key vehicle data on the windshield. It features crystal clear full-color graphics in high resolution, enabling you to see all driver inputs and information with ease.

If there's one word to describe the E-Pace aside from its sporty characteristics, Practical would be it. After all, it's what most people are looking for in this segment. Features like Activity Key, Powered Gesture Tailgate, the 52.7 cubic ft of cargo space, and a host of safe driving technology.

Wherever you need to go, whatever you need to take, the E‑PACE is designed to carry you and your passengers effortlessly, comfortably ‑ and most importantly ‑ safely.

With the optional Activity Key, you can enjoy your favorite activities and keep your car key securely in the car. For extra convenience, you can strap the Activity Key to your wrist. The wristband is robust and fully waterproof, allowing you to take part in a range of activities. Simply touch your Activity Key on the tailgate to lock or unlock the car and deactivate or reactivate the conventional key fob.

Large items can easily be accommodated by a maximum loadspace width of up to 4.2 feet - making it easy for the E‑PACE to take a pushchair lying flat. With a cargo capacity of up to 52.7 cubic ft, the E-PACE can easily fit two medium sized suitcases and three 'cabin carry-on' sized suitcases.
Should a potential collision be detected, the E-PACE gives an audible forward collision warning. Visual warnings follow. If the driver takes no action, the system applies the brakes to help reduce the severity of the possible impact. This system also includes pedestrian sensing.

Senses when your vehicle is unintentionally drifting out of your lane and gently steers you back.

Detects if you're starting to feel drowsy and gives you an early warning when you need to take a break.

Cruise Control allows you to maintain the current speed of the vehicle without the need for continued use of the accelerator pedal - helping to reduce fatigue. The Speed Limiter allows you to pre-set a maximum specified speed that the vehicle will not exceed.

Makes maneuvering easier and safer - sensors in the front and rear bumpers are triggered when you select Reverse. As you park, the touchscreen display and audio feedback indicate how close you are to obstacles.

Provides a 360° exterior view via the touchscreen, helping with various maneuvers from parking by a curb to getting in and out of tight spaces and junctions.
Keeps your vehicle a safe distance from the one in front. Should the car in front stop completely, your vehicle will come to a halt. Once the traffic moves, simply touch the accelerator and Adaptive Cruise Control will resume following the car in front.

Detects when a potential frontal collision with another vehicle may occur and displays a forward alert to warn the driver to brake. If the driver doesn't react, the car will deploy the brakes in order to reduce the severity of the possible impact. High-speed Emergency Braking is ready and active up to 99 MPH.

If your vehicle detects another car in your blind spot when you begin to change lanes, this system provides precisely calculated steering torque - guiding your car safely away from the approaching vehicle.
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The first image from the top where the photo was taken is 5 km from my house
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Seriously ?! Did you ever see them out in the wild testing or taking photos or whatever the case is?
Almost every week they use this road to make all kinds of recordings. Sometimes I pass this road but I see the cars covered.

For those who want to search... Serra da Arrábida - Setúbal - Portugal
Now that's cool. Have you ever taken spy photos and sent them in to publications and what not? I would definitely try to become an amateur spy photographer in that scenario haha
:D:D:D:D who knows next time
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