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Important 2019 E-Pace Sept/Oct USA Build Please read

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Hi Everyone,

I am a long time lurker but finally created a account because of something very important that I thought is worth sharing.

While going thru some of the features of our 2019 E-Pace, we found that some of the things are not working properly. Withing few days, we received calls from Dealer as well as JLR head office that early 2019 E-Pace (certain vin numbers) are missing a module from the factory itself which makes the following features unavailable
  • Web Browser
  • Live - Weather, Sports etc.
  • Navigation - Real Time Traffic, Fuel Prices, Parking, Satellite View, Street View, Share ETA, Route Planner App, Map Updates
  • Smartphone pack - Apple Car Play and Android Auto (cannot be retrofitted)

Please see the attached brochure that was forwarded by the dealer for details. JLR is offering 600 dollars as store credit as a compensation for missing these things and they are very firm that none of it can be retrofitted. Anyone else here with a vin number in the given range.


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Appreciate the heads up on this issue. If its not something that can be retrofitted, that means that current owners are just going to have to live without all of these features? That's unacceptable imo especially since its an oversight on their part.
This really isn't acceptable from a premium brand imo, and JLR should be offering some sort of incentive to owners affected by these issues. Depending on the number of affected units, this doesn't bode well for a company that is already seeing a huge drop in sales.
Sadly when buying a new vehicle, although its not written anywhere, you have to expect these issues. With no track record, you're walking in blind.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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