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How to update navigation?

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Does anyone know how to update the software? I don't have a micro SD card plugged in. It shows "no internet connection". I tried to use my iPhone's hotspot but to no avail. Does that mean that I do need a micro SD card?
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Never mind :) ... I found the website (after trying many 'broken' suggested links), where I could download the most recent maps. Installed it on my car's navigation using a USB-stick.
If anyone's interested, here's the link:
I was hoping to post that this could be done with a USB stick, but the site was not letting me post anything the past few days. Seems like its resolved now. Glad to hear you managed to figure it out.
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Thanks anyway. Thanks for your response, Darius!
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Is anyone planning to continue the 3-year subscription after it ends? I've only heard positive things about it so far. Few negatives.

I have my eyes set on an R-Dynamic so hoping to get some insight on other stuff before I purchase one.
upload new maps into stick?

I didn't really see a link to show you how to update with a stick...? I followed the link and it takes you to 3 options depending on you type of infotainment center. If you choose the one I have.... "Touch Pro", it takes you to a login page which then leads you to an app that you can setup a trip in advance and upload using your car's "hot spot" available if you subscribe to the internet, which I don't. It does have a link also to then navigate to "Go To Maps & Services" which looks like to me is where I should be able to download the latest map file to upload into my car via stick. Then you have to identify your car via VIN. Then confirm, and..... right back to instructions on how to sign in to your Touch Pro navigation system in your car and I will be redirected to my available products....???? Kind of going in circles here! I guess I'm missing something.
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You might be best off contacting Jaguar corporate directly if you haven't had any luck at a dealership level.
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