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Seeing a Guinness World Record being broken is always entertaining, but some may not put too much thought into the sheer amount preparation needed to pull off something like the E-Pace barrel roll.

The final product usually looks perfectly orchestrated, but it took Jaguar 33 test jumps before making that all important world-record-breaking barrel roll. Not all of those test landings went according to plan either. The lightly-modified E-Pace landed on its roof, sides and rear-end multiple time before the Jaguar team managed to find the perfect approach speeds and angles.

Not only did the calculations have to be on point, so did stunt driver Terry Grant. During the jump that lasted just over 1.5 seconds, Terry was subjected to forces of 5.5G whilst controlling a flying vehicle and trying to stick the landing with just a 10 mm (0.4 in) margin for error. All these calculations were made after running through a staggering 756 hours of engineering simulation time.

Of course no stunt test is without a few scratches and the E-Pace suffered plenty of cosmetic damage with a corner of the bumper looking to be held together by duct tape. But structurally, the integrity of the car was exactly the same as when they started, meaning those production vehicles rolling off showroom floors and into garages can definitely take a beating.

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