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Heated windshield- 2021 Epace

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Is there a downside to replacing a heated windshield with a non-heated windshield? I find driving at night so difficult!
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Nope. And you get the benefit of a heated steering wheel! (If you got that option of course, which I think comes with the heated windshield)
Thank you. I was concerned that replacing the windshield may affect other components of the car. And yes, it came with the heated steering wheel. I hate to give up the heated windshield but it's so hard for me to see at night when there is oncoming traffic. I actually get a headache.
Navigate these waters carefully. If you are truly concerned only have a dealer perform this work. I don’t see any issues, but I did not write the software. Since the car is mostly sold without heated windshields one could conclude that it is ok. But a quick call to any service center at any dealer seems like your most logical next move.
It would be cool if you updated this forum with your progress on this. I would like to know and I am sure others would also like to know how this turns out
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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