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Grease on body near front passenger wheel

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About a month ago, I was washing my E-Pace. I got to the rear passenger side and started to notice some areas that were hard to wash. I started to inspect the whole side, and noticed a large "glob" of a grey-ish grease near the front wheel. It spread from there and went towards the rear.

I figured that this was some grease that kicked up in driving my E-Pace around. I went ahead and cleaned the rest of it off. It was a pain, but got it cleaned off.

I went around to clean it again the other evening and the grease was back. Not as bad this time, but similar.

Pictures are attached. Any thoughts.

I do have an appointment for H291 and I also have this issue to be reviewed, but wanted to see what the community thought.


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Had the E-Pace looked at by the dealership the other day. They did not find any leaks or issues. They checked the front end around the wheel and suspension. Hopefully this is good news and that everything is just fine.

I had to spend some time cleaning the grease off again. It took some time, but I had a couple cleaning products that knocked the job out nicely. Chemical Guys Quick Detailer with a microfiber was definitely a big help. Took half a bottle, but came clean with no harm. Followed up with a layer of Optimum Quick Wax. The passenger side is now looking much shiner than the rest of the car.

Now that it is cleaned again, I will update after a couple of drives.
What is the grease? Looks like a good amount, wherever it came from.
I wish I knew what the grease was. I am trusting the dealership that they checked all the recommended places on the car itself. The assumption is that it came from the road somewhere. Maybe something from a construction job?

These pictures are of the second "mess". It was much worse the first time I noticed it. I did not take pictures that time because I was just doing a wash. I started on the other side, so I did not see it. After the cleaning and the next drive, I noticed the grease again (in lower quantities). That is when I took the pictures.

I have not seen it again. When the dealer took a look, they also cleaned the car. Maybe that knocked the rest off.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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