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Goodyear 235/50R20 104W tire pressure

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Currently running 40PSI in the front and 38PSI rear cold on my 2020 P250. This still seem a little stiff, anybody found the sweet spot on this model?
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I have a 2019 P300 with off road tires. I never off road, I just like the look.

I go into the software and set the pressure tire settings to 'light' or 'light load' (or whatever they call it). This lowers the amount of pressure required in the tires before the low tire pressure alert comes on.

The good news is that either mode ('standard' or 'light'), allows the tire pressure to go exactly 5 psi down before the tire pressure alert goes off. So, not only do I set the pressure mode to 'light' I also lower the tire pressure down from the recommended 'light load' pressure by 3 psi when cold (giving me 2 psi before an alert goes off). This results in something like a 7 psi (or so) reduction from the fully pressurized 'standard' mode. This gives a noticeably softer ride. I cant stand the stock ride, it is very stiff.

Yes, I am aware this affects tire wear, but I don't care if I only get 20 thousand miles rather than 30 thousand miles. Actually, I don't care if I only get 15 thousand miles.
I like, and strongly prefer, a nice comfortable compliant ride. The stiff ride was one of my few complaints about the E pace, but this approach takes care of this issue for the most part. I took this same approach when the wheels were stock, and really enjoyed the improvement then as well.

The wheels are from 'Fuel'. They are the only wheels that Fuel makes in a blank so that you can drill them out to your specs. They are called 'Assault'.
The wheels and tires were about 2200.00 USD installed

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