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Gear Engage Delay

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(UK) I have had a First Edition E-Pace for 11 months now, which will have a service in a week or so, having only done 2,200 miles so far. It is a great car and can be a beast if I hit the accelerator pedal. However, it has one major fault that indeed is dangerous and a real pain, in that if parked on an incline, reverse gear does not immediately engage, resulting in the car rolling down the incline once I take my foot of the break to move it to the accelerator. As a consequence I dare not park on sloping ground without a safe space in front. I am hoping that this can be sorted when the car is serviced. Has anyone else had this problem.
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I realized this is a common issue and Jaguar might take a while to fix it, if that ever happens.
You can try holding the brake pedal while waiting for reverse to engage or some of the other temporary solutions others have used.
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