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F-Pace wheels on an E-Pace

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Does anybody know if the F-Pace wheels fit on an E-Pace?
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Good question. I would think as long as the rim and tire size fit, it would work. Compare your current tire to the F-Pace.

You looking to upgrade your current rims, or tires also?

The ES that I have, I am not a fan of the rims, so I will look to be replacing those, maybe the whole tire size.


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I'm VERY happy with the 19 inch size. Look good, and provides some cushion to potholes. I really want black or dark grey wheels. It will look so much better on the white. I have the 5 spokes on my SE
The bolt patterns for both E and F are 5 x 108mm
Thanks for the extra info. So it sounds like the tires are interchangeable.

I do like the 19 inch size. The rims though are just not aggressive enough for this car. I wonder how much I could get reselling them. Then that would help me purchases nicer replacement rims. There are a lot of choices online...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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