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F-Pace was impressive, E-Pace...

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Of the many points left by CarThrottle on the F-Pace, the one below really stood out to me since it gets right down to a core characteristic of Jaguars, nimbleness. Now, it didn't express that in heavy turns but day-to-day driving it sure did.

If Jaguar can do that well with a heavier segment, just imagine how the E-Pace will turn out. ;)

It's not until you steam into a corner a little too quickly and induce understeer that you do feel the F-Pace's reasonable mass and ride height. The rest of the time, it's a joy to chuck around, and feels like something far smaller and lighter.
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Gonna have to look at the wheel base differences and track width differences to really scale it down and see. But I do have high hopes considering they got the F-Pace so right.
But with the lighter body weight of the E-Pace, would it not be a bit less stable when thrown into corners?
There are a lot of factors that will ultimately determine that, consider the lower ride height, lower center of gravity, and not being as top heavy and it sounds like it'll outperform it on turns. Factor in a shorter wheel base and possible track width and now you'd think it may not. We still need to know more before trying to get to that determining factor.
But with the lighter body weight of the E-Pace, would it not be a bit less stable when thrown into corners?
Center of gravity I believe plays into that along with how the suspension is setup. Not always does weight have to play in for a grounded feel. Even Miata's can feel grounded when set up right and we all know those are some of the lightest and sportiest cars around.

Jaguar is learning from Porsche, hopefully they follow through on the E-Pace as well. Macan feels planted enough.
I guess we shouldn't have too much to worry about so long as the E-PAce has the same four-wheel drive system that's pretty forgiving when it comes to taking turns. That makes for some spirited driving instead of braking all the time.
Maybe its taking some DNA from the new Jaguar XE-R. Too bad we won't find out about that till the XE performance model is released. They plan for these things well in advance. Following that maybe we'll start seeing an E-Pace SVR ?
Well, there's already a 2019 Jaguar F-Pace SVR on the way so higher performance variants are something that interests Jaguar. Just don't know if the E-Pace is on their SVR radar and it's hard to guess when it doesn't share a platform with the F-Pace.
I can't see why not as it'll throw a performance variant into the segment and I doubt that wouldn't work out for them sales wise considering todays constant seek for performance (for a lack of better words)

The four wheel drive system is only a mere portion to look for though as you can imagine, something with an amazing four wheel drive system is still extremely weak if it doesn't have the supporting structure around it
Hard to say when the E-Pace has a different chassis, wheelbase, mechanical components etc.
But if Jaguar does come out with a a higher performance E-Pace, what engine would be powering it?
Maybe the F-Pace's 3.0L Supercharged V6, but detuned. Or would that take sales away from the F-Pace?
Can't see it taking away sales for the F-Pace. That's like asking if the Macan takes away sales from the Cayenne. Two different segments that won't conflict with each other no matter what's powering it.
Some may go for the cheaper and smaller option if they both use the same engine, but it's unlikely that Jaguar would do that without de-tuning it. Though it would give tuners a general gauge of how much they can improve an engine's performance if another model is using it.
If it is the same engine and detuned, we could look at the tuning companies that have already gone and put in work on the F-Pace and see essentially what we can come out with if need be. Putting the same amount of power in the E-Pace would essentially make it a good amount faster than the F-Pace because of the weight difference.
But with the lighter body weight of the E-Pace, would it not be a bit less stable when thrown into corners?
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