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NOTE: A Special Service Message is a formal communication issued by Jaguar and carries the same
importance of a Technical Service Bulletin. An SSM is a quick method of communicating "Need To
Know" information to the technical service community. SSM's may be issued in advance of a
technical bulletin or may be the only communication on a given topic. All information contained in
Jaguar technical communications are intended for use by trained, professional technicians with the
knowledge, tools, and equipment required to complete the procedure correctly and safely. It
informs the Technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or provides information
that could assist in correct vehicle and diagnostic service.
SSM 74385 - AJ20-D4 Lack of Power and Engine Noise
Models : E-Pace / X540
E-Pace / X540 (China
F-Pace / X761
XE / X760
XE / X760 (China L2C)
XF / X260
XF / X260 (China L2C)
Name :
Christian Bradley
Last Modified
20 FEB 2020 16:11:11
Category : Engine
Symptom : 497000 Engine Noise
Content : Issue
Customer may report lack of power/reduced performance
and induction noise under certain driving
conditions. Engine may sound very much like it is
operating without an air filter or boost and induction hose
has become detached. These concerns are more evident
under partial or light throttle driving conditions.
No Engine MIL light illuminated and or DTC codes will not
be present.
Investigations carried out by JLR Engineering have
identified that a number of Variable Camshaft Timing
solenoids have been manufactured away from the intended
specification by the supplier. This may cause a
stiction/friction event within the solenoid and may cause
the solenoid to become stuck in certain positions.
Following confirmation of customer complaint into
reported engine noise and poor performance (please see
attached sound file. Concern becomes evident at 7
seconds). Please ensure that there are no loose hoses on
the induction system and complete diagnosis as per
relevant section in Topix. Complete interrogation using
Jaguar Approved Diagnostic System to ensure that no fault
codes are present. Once customer concern has been
Replace the Variable valve Timing Solenoid T4N32636
(AB) level parts and check the etched date on the new
If the manufactured date is pre 18-08-23 (23rd
August 2018) replace the solenoid. (TOPIx -WSM
procedure section 303-14:Engine)
File : IMG_2581 (1).JPG
Engine VCT Solenoid.mp4
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