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E-Pace Wheel Lug Nuts

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Just curious if anyone knows the size or part number for the E-Pace lug nuts? I have an 18' R-Dynamic SE with 19" tires. Thanks!
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Haven't been able to find them but calling up your local JLR dealer can get you that info.

If you find out let us know!
I'm not sure if the lug nuts are universal across the different wheel setups, but its listed as M12 x 1.5 on a few different sites. Other sizes such as eBay and Amazon say M14 x 1.5.
Ultimately it will be the dealer that can provide you with the best possible information unless reviews from some of these vendors confirm what's being offered. if you can't confirm it that way then don't take the risk. You might pay more at the dealer but getting what you wanted without running around pays for itself in a way. Lug nuts also are the cheapest things you can buy.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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