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E Pace vs Macan

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While I wouldn't say that these two cars are direct rivals, the entry level Macan and range topping E Pace are similarly matched on paper. What might surprise many people is how credible of an alternative the E Pace can be to that of a Macan, at least in top spec guise. Styling preferences will determine which you find to be the better looking car, but from a performance standpoint they are both remarkably fun to drive for an SUV.
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Despite having a lot less power, the Macan does seem to make better use of their 4 cylinder engine. Hard to believe that something with 50 less horsepower has only lost .2 seconds in the 0-60mph sprint. Goes to prove just how important torque is off the line. You would think the two extra gears would help the E Pace to be the more economical car as well.
Porsche will get the upper hand with the masses no matter where the E-Pace might be stronger, they've been at SUV's for longer and has more established products that it shares parts with
Their commitment to electric mobility is what's going to to give them the real upper hand. I've already heard they have a fully electric SUV coming in the next few years, that will be similar in size and design to that of the current Macan.
I feel that will only last for so long. In the short term when its a race to launch as many EV's as they can, being first has its perks but once everyone catches up, the real challenge begins.
Even Jaguar mentioned the idea of becoming solely an EV brand, because this is going to be the next big market by 2020. Most of the specs we are seeing from new electrics are fairly comparable from one brand to the next, so most of the decisions will be based upon badge preference/familiarity.
In spite of having significantly less power, the Macan improves utilization of their 4 chamber motor. Difficult to accept that something with 50 less drive has just lost .2 seconds in the 0-60mph run. Goes to demonstrate exactly the way that significant force is off the line. You would figure the an additional two pinion wheels would assist the E With pacing to be the more affordable vehicle too.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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