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E-Pace Interior Revealed!

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Someone got close to the E-Pace while it was unguarded and took two spy shots of the interior. really can't see much with all the hanging wires and dash covers.

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I'm guessing the instrument cluster has a center speedometer in the middle instead of the two found in the F-Pace. Also looks like it uses a normal shifter instead of the knob.
I wouldn't call that a reveal by any means haha. They did a great job covering it all up very well. We can barely see a vent, shifter, and what looks to be an F-Pace steering wheel
The infotainment screen seems oddly angled, or what I assume is the infotainment display sitting under that computer screen.
That's what I was looking at as well but for all we know, all of those things in there are mocked up and just sitting in places. Could still be moved around and finalized?
Certain things are easier to change than others and the infotainment screen may be hard to move. One thing that may not be the same is the shifter.
That looks like the shifter that was in the older F-Type, around the 2015 models I think
Think we'll get the shift dial similar to what's in the F-Pace? I assume the new E-Pace will look similar to the 2017 F-Pace in terms of general layout.
Its the path of least resistance for Jaguar. Being at a point where they still have to establish their bread and butter of the brand, keeping things simple and streamlined is the way to go. All i'd care to see are subtle differences, not too much to ask for.
I agree. I'll be perfectly content if it's very similar, which it should be, to the F-Pace interior and what they currently have going on. A dial shifter would be good enough for me, I don't mind at all. That infotainment screen at such a large angle is throwing me off, but upon closer inspection, I'm not even sure if that's a screen or just a piece of plastic.
Looking at it again, I doubt it'll be a dial shifter with how far back the shift stick is from where the dial is located on the F-Pace. We can look forward to a similar center stack layout with a larger storage cubby for your phone.
With some wireless charging hopefully?

Either way, knob or stick, I'll be alright with it. Paddles would also be a nice touch.
I honestly don't see the point of the wireless charging cubby in cars, especially since not every phone has the capability and a plug charges faster anyways.
Well... it's just because you can and it's a fancy feature you could tell people about. Also, there are things you could plug in to your phone like ChargeSpot to let it utilize the wireless charging.

Less ugly wires to have slung all over the place too.
Wireless charging is massively valuable especially as charging infrastructure grows and we need more ways to dumb down the process of charging. Dumbing it down helps to prevent human related issues.
If Jaguar is really set on adding the wireless charging cubby, they should make it the side of a notepad. Phones are getting progressively larger and a person's phone may not fit in there to utilize the feature.
I personally haven't used wireless charging for my phone before but does the surface area of the charging "pad?" need to completely span the surface area of the phone?
Looking closer I noticed that the side of the center console has some kind of stitching, meaning the center console could be leather wrapped to blend into a leather dash.
Maybe what we're seeing is the highest trim test mule, full leather dash would raise the price of the entry level trim too much.
Or they could be add-on knee pads that are optional or on higher trims ?
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