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2018 P300 SE R-Dynamic with Black Pkg
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New to forum, so not sure if i should link onto this thread or start a new one. My topic is similar, but not quite same. Essentially has to do with coolant though.

I was noticing my coolant alert was showing up on screen at start up recently. It has been quite cold, so thought perhaps it was just close to the borderline of coolant level and colder temperature caused it to go below tolerance level for alert. I did, however smell coolant as well, but nothing showing up on garage floor. Took into dealer and they did pressure test for 20 minutes and said system is good. However, they did note that reservoir cap was not holding pressure. I assume this may also mean it was allowing slight evaporation then as well. Anyhow, they are ordering new cap and this will hopefully resolve issue. Just thought i would pass on in case others find similar issue.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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