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Computer Keeps Freezing

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Hi guys,

I have a 2021 Jaguar E-Pace that I leased starting back in May 2021. I have about 8,500 miles on the car. I have been having an issue with my computer screen freezing up on me, the touch screen where you control the navigation, media, climate control, and all of the settings on the car. I brought it to my local dealership a week ago and they ended up I guess resetting the system and doing something with the software to unfreeze the screen. It worked for a few days and then this past weekend the computer system froze up again. It is basically stuck at 7:30pm from the time it froze and now I am unable to use it . Even when I turn the car off and restart it, the screen is still frozen.

Has anyone had a similar recurring problem as I have been having ? Any tips on what I can maybe do to try and reset it myself to try and fix this issue or is this something that I will probably have to keep bringing to the dealer ? Very very frustrating !!!


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Sorry for your troubles. I have a 19 e pace with 5400 miles and I have not had any issues related to what you are experiencing. I would continue to work closely with your dealer.

Also, I am curious, if you are leasing cannot you not just break the lease for having a non-functioning car?
I thought there was an advantage to leasing...
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