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Always liked the F-Pace but wasn't in the market at the time it came about. By next year I will be looking for something to replace my Venza that I absolutely despise. It was a rushed decision and I got it at a really good price, but definitely should have thought about it more. Nonetheless, The E-Pace being a sport crossover, and the estimated starting price of around $30k (from car and driver) I'll be heavily looking forward to it.

Was looking at the Q3 as well but I just love the styling of the F-Pace so I think the transition to the E-Pace would be great. Nonetheless, I'm still quite open and will be test driving them as much as I can to see what I really like. The Q3, X1, and I'll probably even look into the NX200t.
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I think a price of around $30k is too low for an EV from Jaguar, probably closer to a MSRP of mid to high $30k and that's before rebates and incentives. Are you committed to an all electric or are hybrids on the table too?
The E-Pace isn't going to be an EV. From what I've read, it's going to have 3 or 4 different powertrains, ranging from a 2.0 diesel, some sort of twin-turbo unit producing 237hp and some sort of hybrid diesel 3 cylinder with a hybrid turbocharger.
I mistook it for the I-Pace but hybrids do get incentives too and rebates. Maybe something Jaguar can capitalize on.
Which powertrain are you looking forward to seeing in the E-Pace?
I know what you mean, I initially thought that the E-Pace would be fully electric given the E in it's name haha.

I'm going more for a power perspective as I want something to have a bit of fun with. A twin-turbo does sound like music to my ears and the capabilities of boosting it even further (after warranty of course) is highly interesting me.

What about you?
I heard that there may be a hybrid powertrain in the future, so I may wait a bit and see what Jaguar says. Performance is great, but fuel economy will always be at the forefront of my mind.
Hybrid diesel is what they were saying which sounds interesting. I don't think anyone produces a hybrid-diesel engine do they?
Doubt it'll be a diesel hybrid as it makes more sense to come out with a gas hybrid, this way they can increase the fuel efficiency of the gas powered E-Pace. Diesels are already pretty good when it comes to mileage and it has decent torque.
Diesels definitely do have much better torque output and I can see a gasoline hybrid being more feasible. Adding on to that taking into consideration the overall look and media thrashing that diesels are getting.
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