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Bluetooth issues

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Has anyone had any bluetooth connection issues with iphone? One minute it works and suddenly it disconnects. To reconnect i have to delete my phone from the car and go through the set up process again. I think it get confused with multiple bluetooth devices.
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I have a 19 E Pace HSE. I run Android and my wife runs IOS. I listen to music streamed directly from my Android (S21) to my Jag. I occasionally stream from my wifes phone (this years latest IOS phone) via bluetooth as well.

I prefer not to use car play as you have to hard wire the phone for that. I am in and out of my car to often for that.

Regardless, both phones and both methods work well for me and I have no issues. I am the original owner and stream via bluetooth to my Jag (from one phone or the other) basically with every use of my car

I can say that I have the latest firmware for the car from the dealer as of 6 months ago. I do know that Jag does make improvements to their software. You may want to consider getting the latest firmware update - if you have not already done so of course. Some updates you can do yourself over wifi.
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My iphone disconnects periodically but I reconnect by going into the phone's > settings > bluetooth > Jaguar E-Pace > click and reactivate. Very simple.
Has anybody had any bluetooth association issues with iphone? Brief it works and unexpectedly it detaches. To reconnect I need to erase my telephone from the vehicle and go through the set up process once more. I think it get mistaken for numerous bluetooth gadgets.
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