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Best Technique to Chrome Delete?

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For my recently acquired 2018 250S in black, I'd like to change all of the exterior chrome trim and wheels and replace with black. I've seen options for replacing with Jaguar parts (expensive), painting wheels (doable), and either wrapping trim with 3M film (looks challenging but doable and inexpensive) or plastic dipping (doable but questionably long-lasting).

Anyone had experience with either of these techniques and opinions on which is best path to pursue?


Bob C
Falls Church, VA, USA
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I changed the front grille emblem from red to black and it's flawless. Looks factory. My E-Pace was ordered with black trim so the rest was done OEM. I bought black wheel center caps off ebay and haven't had a chance to remove the wheels and pop off the red caps. I have no idea if they even fit. I bought various carbon fiber interior parts off ebay (from China) and most parts don't fit or conform to the contour properly. Worthless.

As far as vinyl wrap goes, I wrapped a front skidplate on my F150 truck with carbon fiber wrap and it tore easily from road roost while driving. I imagine the same will happen if you wrap mirrors, etc. Vinyl wrap is mainly for show.
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In my opinion, it's not worth the money to switch to all black. I have a 2020 red Epace with ivory interior and chrome grill trim and side emblems. The wheels are 20" that are gray and silver with Pirelli PZero All Season Plus tires. The rims look great and much more stylish than black. I thought about changing out the chrome, but after looking at it for for a while, I've decided that I like the chrome detail much better than black. It might look a little more feminine, but it looks much classier!! Way too expensive to change out trim pieces on a Jag!!
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