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Android Auto

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howdy -

I saw a youtube review where they indicated that the epace was going to have Android Auto, yet I talked with my local dealer and was told not so much.

Anyone have an idea if the 2018 will have Android Auto, and if not is it simply a software update?

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Dealer just told me they signed a contract with Apple for their system. Not sure about Android. Probably soon though.
Just picked up my new E-Pace SE. the Dealership indicated that the Android Auto capability would be available eventually as a software up date.
Wish all automakers could update android/apple compatibility with an update. It seems to either be included or not on most models and would require an aftermarket head unit to fix. Glad to hear its coming to the new E-Pace.
Some infotainment systems doesn't have the hardware necessary for Apple/Android compatibility, that's why a software update isn't enough. We're lucky in that the E-Pace seems to come with everything we'd need and now it's just a waiting game for Jaguar to close the deal with Apple and Google.
Seems like JLR has announced to add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to its vehicles. They will be available with an optional smartphone connectivity package. However, there's no set date for when these features and retroactive updates will be available in the US, but rollout appears to have started in the UK.
We just got a free dealer update to have Android Auto, Apple Car Play and the car now updates itself over home wifi.

Hints, use a short oem cable until you find one that works. The phone has to be connected with as USB to the connector in the armrest to work. We now have Waze, spotify etc.

You have to set up all 3 under settings connectivity if the dealer doesn't do it for you.
If it looks low res, you may have to do this to android phones... I did this months ago for my F-Pace so I can't tell if it needs doing for our E-pace or not.

From HereKittyKitty on F-pace forum
just got my FPace back today with the smartphone pack. I'm an Android user (Pixel 3xl).

My first impression of AA was the same as many of looks absolutely terrible on the screen, like non-HD channels on HD tv. To make better use of the screen, the resolution needs to be changed and doing that requires you to access the developer options in Android Auto on your phone (when not connected to the car). Here is the Google Expert response from Android Auto help. My phone gave me 720p and 1080p as options, I went with 1080p and that is what can be seen in my screenshot.

AA outputs the video at 800x480 standard resolution, it also has the option to output at 1280x720 it's up to the headunit to display it.

If the headunit has different aspect ratio, stretching it to full screen, will make the icon's look bad, circles will become ovals and so on.

You can try to force the 720p output but it might result in the device not connecting if that is the case simply revert back to the original output.

To enable to 720p from Android Auto please do the following, without connecting the phone to the car:
1) Open AA
2) Hamburger menu -> About
3) Tap the "Android Auto" header 10 times till you see a toast message saying you are now a developer
4) From the 3 dotted menu in the right top corner select developer options
5) Scroll to the bottom
6) Check the 720p output option.
7) Press the back button

Now connect the phone to the car, if it doesn't connect (due to resolutions not matching) simply disable the 720p option.
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Great write up on how to diagnose this issue. Definitely not something the dealer would tell you!
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