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Aftermarket Wheels

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As it is, we've seen the E-Pace in camo but how far off could it really be from the F-Pace? So.. given that, we should know approximately what it should look like and have no problem picturing which wheels we would want to have on our E-Pace. I'm looking towards a set of these potentially. A set of PUR RS07 which will give it not so much of an aftermarket, in your face kind of look but more so an OEM but a lot cleaner type of look

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I'm actually quite content with the stock wheels we've seen so far and they'll be used as my summer tires. For winter, it's a set of ugly as sin steel rims because it's just going to collect salt and slush anyways.

But that set of PUR RS07 does look nice, especially in that black matte color.
That's typically the route majority of people go with and it makes sense. For me, I would just hate to look at the E-Pace sitting on those steelies in the winter time... it would just bother me way too much.
To each their own. I've seen what large amounts of salt does to tires and would rather save the more expensive and nicer tires, have them last longer than get two nice sets and have one rust away.

TSW has some nice wheels too, though I've never tried their products and have no idea how durable they are.

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Have seen a lot of TSWs but haven't really heard much about them. For me, I spend a lot of time in maintenance and protection mode to the extent of ensuring the car gets washed off at least twice a week in the winter times so I'm not too worried about salt damage. I also apply layers upon layers of wax to rims to ensure no damages from salt or corrosion happen (or prolong it at least)
TSW is great when it comes to cost but safety is a big thing for me and i heard these TSW wheels stress easier than higher end wheels. F-Pace has some nice wheels, rather just pull from that for the E-Pace.
Didn't know TSW wheels had that problem. The best kind to get if stress is a concern are forged ones, I've heard they can withstand more pressure without getting damaged.
Forged wheel or other oem wheels are the only way to go. Cheaping out on wheels just isn't smart at all and if they were to fail, you really can't blame anyone but yourself for it
I'd probably just stick with the wheels that comes standard with the E-Pace until more owners globally has installed and tested aftermarket wheels. Get some nice sturdy and ugly steelies and call it a day.
If I ever decide to change out the rims, AceAlloy Convex rims looks like a good option and they come in a variety of colors.
Ace has definitely come a long way in terms of wheel designs. I remember them from 10 years ago and boy did they really step up to the times.
Not really an aftermarket wheel, but I do like how the 20" 5 split-spoke style 5061 wheels look on the F-Type and it comes with a satin grey finish. Maybe the dealership will be willing to order a set for the E-Pace if it fits.
Which wheels are those again? Could you post a picture please??
These ones, they look clean and sport at the same time. Fitting for a car like the E-Pace.

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Those would definitely be really fitting and especially in a 20" set-up.

I'd also rather go with an oem wheel than some sort of replica cheaper wheel as well.
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When it comes to aggressive sporty styling, Lumma displayed a wheel design that resonates with me a lot. Also being a Mercedes and Porsche fan helps, you can see the influence of those in this design:

On an E-Pace it'll look even better.
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I think the wheel paint job and red calipers really ties in all together. Are they on sale or just renderings?
Here's a page for their wheels but no prices attached, I think you'd have to find some sort of authorized dealer or contact them directly
Braelin BR06 19" with our original Pirelli tires. We're using the stock wheels with our new snow tires.


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Braelin BR06 19" with our original Pirelli tires. We're using the stock wheels with our new snow tires.
Not a bad look for a mild setup.
I'm actually interested in getting wheels with a spoke pattern similar to these from Hamann. I fear how those low profile tires will hold up on streets around me

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