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Adaptive Cruise Control

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I realized my P250 only has the regular cruise control. Since it has Traffic Sign Recognition, Park Pack and AHBA, maybe there is a way to have the Adaptive CC activated via ODB? Same goes for the Animated Directional Indicators.
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Best thing to do is talk with your dealer. I heard about dealers having the ability to active certain features in service model that owners don't have access to.
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Not sure if this is something that's purely software related of if there is a module specific to it. Could save a good bit of money if its something that can be enabled after the fact.
Ah foolish me... I forgot that it takes another camera, located behind the Growler badge...
In fact, the camera is located above the badge...


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In fact, the camera is located above the badge...
...and this camera is only for a 360-view.

For the ACC you should have a radar BEHIND the badge.
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