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2019 Jaguar E-Pace Captured On Video

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Motor Authority spy photographers managed to catch two E-Pace prototypes on video whilst they were being test driven in the cold.

Jaguar's mid-sized F-Pace has been doing very well in terms of sales since its release with a total of 45,973 units sold last year which accounts for around 30% of Jaguar's sales. Perhaps the British automaker is hoping for a repeat of this success with the smaller E-Pace.

Unlike the usual spy shots, these vehicles were seen leaving a grocery store parking lot. Perhaps Jaguar engineers were testing the Park Assist or Blind Spot Monitor systems that's already available in the F-Pace.

We can clearly see design elements the E-Pace shares with its siblings, the F-Pace and I-Pace concept, but with a sportier front facia and lines. There's the heavily sloping rear screen, rising shoulder line , rectangular front grille, narrow front and rear lights, all featured on a five-door body.

As for powertrains, we can only make assumptions as we're still a ways off from its debut which is expected to take place late this year or early next year. Our best guess would be the Ingenium inline-4 engines or maybe even the new inline-3 that Jaguar Land Rover is working on.

Regardless of what's under that bonnet, we can expect great things from design chief Ian Callum with the new E-Pace.

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Just noticed that one of the test E-Pace vehicles has a tow hook in the back. Meaning the E-Pace will deliver in both performance and versatility. It should be good enough to tow a trailer but nothing too heavy like a boat.
I'm sure it could haul a small boat... just gonna be interested to see what the towing capacity will be and if there's a trailer plug for lighting and what not.
In a testing situation like this its probably to help them tow the mule easier than they would if the hook wasn't their. its almost always the case when in a situation like this. Even track cars have exposed tow hooks.
Haven't heard much about diesel hybrids as they aren't all that common, so I don't think Jaguar will go that route. And electric motors don't really compliment diesel engines since they produce all its torque down low similar an electric motor. Seems kind of redundant to me.
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