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2018 Jaguar E-Pace Spotted In Belgium

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Jaguar's latest crossover is still under heavy camouflage, but these spy shots captured by a Carscoops reader in Tessenderlo, Belgium, lets us take a closer look at the E-Pace's body.

Poised to sit under the F-Pace in Jaguar's crossover lineup, the prototype is sporting the heavily sloping rear screen and rising waistline that's distinctly a Jaguar design feature. There's also Jaguars large grill and air intake vents in the front.

What caught our eye are the additional black mouldings on the side, perhaps as a way to throw us off from where the pinched metal lines on the production model will be or it could be hiding the front fender air intakes similar to those found on the F-Pace.

We can expect the E-Pace to feature Jaguar's new InControl Touch Pro infotainment system and cabin materials of improved quality, both of which will help it compete against other models in the segment including the BMW X1, Mercedes-Benz GLA and Audi Q3.

Because of the F-Pace platform's space inefficiencies, the E-Pace will share its underpinnings with the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque.
Meaning the E-Pace is likely to come with the new 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol and diesel Ingenium engines, which are capable of producing 240 horsepower.

A future hybrid powertrain is possible, but for now we'll only see the petrol/diesel models at the E-Pace's expected debut this summer.
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I'm hoping a bit of the rear side windows are still covered so we won't know how it slants, because if it ends just where we can see then that would mean the E-Pace will be getting a large C-Pillar.
Really think all of those side moldings and body contours are just a ploy to skew it all, it'll probably end up fairly straight like the F-Pace is.
The only thing I can see will stick is the gap happening at the bottom which is very similar to what other car makers have been doing. The Porsche Macan is a prime example of this.
The E-Pace could be a hit and compete pretty well against the Macan so long as it costs less in comparison, maybe even have a few of the higher trims sit below the base model Macan in pricing.
An MSRP in the low $30,000 range is what we're expecting which is a lot lower than the Macan so the E-Pace should do fine. Jaguar just has to deliver in the looks department and if what the camo is trying to cover really are panel ridges, we can expect to see a sportier version of the F-Pace.
The lower ridge on there is already on the F-Pace so that's a good cue that it'll stick, everything above the lower door indent is going to be hopeful. Something a bit sportier than the F-Pace is what I would love to see although I'd be fine if it's as refined as the F-Pace is
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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