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Carpediem 03-11-2019 11:45 AM

P300 HSE AWD R-Dynamic Silicon Silver
Took delivery of my JLR approved used E-Pace P300 from Stratstone Mayfair, London on 30th January this year. Silicon Silver with Ebony/Mars Red interior. An ex Jaguar Management E-Pace first registered 1st March 2018 with some 3,500 miles on the clock.

Before handover I requested the software upgrade to include Apple CarPlay, albeit at a cost of 200; which I understand from various sources is par for the course. Does have some intermittent faults, a message can appear when connecting the iPhone to the USB cable, please reconnect. However, when connected a good selection of Apps including Tidal which I use as my music source.

Very soon found other issues with the infotainment include the inability to make phone calls using Bluetooth, phone pairs but will not connect. No voice guidance from the Satnav and Voice Commands not working! Not sure why someone at Jaguar did not get these issues fixed before releasing the car as approved used.

So the car was collected on Monday 18th February in order that these issues could be fixed. Had a call from the service department on Wednesday 20th February; in fairness a very professional and helpful service manager who had the courtesy to bite the bullet and give me the bad news. Phase 4 should have fixed these problems and it was available from Jaguar the previous week. However, there must have been some issues with the early installs of Phase 4 as it was placed on "Suspension". Expected to be available some time in March. Estimated time to load the update is 3 hours. So the car was returned on Friday 22nd February with refurbished wheels, as previously agreed with Stratstone, but no software update.

The irony of the issue with Bluetooth is that my phone worked fine in my previous F-Type and no problem whatsoever in the XF 2.0d that I had on loan.

Thanks to the UK E-Pace forum, I outlined my issues with the software to a member of the Jaguar Land Rover Customer Experience Centre. Having exchanged private messages, I received a Case No and as of today I had received two calls from the JLR Customer Experience team. The first, last Tuesday was received whilst driving the E-Pace, so without Bluetooth connectivity the call went to voicemail! Received another call first thing this morning, very constructive and informative. Seems the Customer Experience team are stuck between a rock and a hard place, the customer and their IT department.

The latest information is that there is still no firm date, although it is expected soon, for the release of the revised version of the software upgrade.

As I was preparing this post I received a further call from the Customer Experience team to say the upgrade had just been released. Within 10 mins I received a call from Stratstone; ready to book an appointment to install the upgrade. Have confirmed Wednesday 13th March at 10:00 at their Tottenham service centre. Will wait whilst the upgrade is being carried out, I suspect 3+ hours; will take my laptop and can keep myself occupied. Fingers crossed.

More news after the upgrade has been installed.

Surge 03-12-2019 03:35 PM

Welcome to the forum and hope that all of your issues are fixed following these updates. Sounds like your dealer is willing to work with you to have things addressed as quickly as possible, which is always good to hear. Assuming all the work that's being done aside from Apple Car play is being covered on their end?

Darius 03-13-2019 03:15 PM

Hope everything goes well with the install today, and your E Pace is trouble free for the foreseeable future. Glad you were able to get things escalated and resolved in a more timely manner. Welcome aboard!

JagMan 03-13-2019 08:35 PM

I always hated waiting at the dealership for any service jobs ever since knowing some will pick up and drop off your vehicle.

Other than that I would only stop by to get fluids topped up.

Looking forward to future feedback from you!

Carpediem 03-16-2019 12:40 PM

Software upgrade to Release 4 completed successfully on WEdnesday. Version is now S19A_19.07.2-312706. Upgrade to this version took just under 2 hours. Excellent mechanic, Simon, who asked me to check if I could connect my iPhone. Connection successful and able to make a call using Bluetooth and the in car microphone and speaker.

However, at this stage still no spoken directions with the satnav and Voice Control not working. Simon confirmed a further software upload required, should take about 20 minutes. This to ensure that the installed software was pointing to the correct "Voice database". So back to the car after the further upload and both spoken directions and Voice Control now working!!!!

Haven't had the time to do a thorough test however, noticed that when I connect my 'phone to the USB port in order to use Apple CarPlay that the 'phone icon disappears and is replaced with a Bluetooth icon. I can make 'phone calls using the 'phone "App" from the Carplay screen with the 'phone hardwired. However, not able to make Bluetooth calls when in this mode. I assume that this is reasonable as there will be a conflict between the two modes? Just starting to play with the My Home menu option.

JagMan 03-18-2019 02:03 AM

Maybe it was done to even ensure a better connection during phone calls. Bluetooth can have its flaws at times and not always are bluetooth versions between devices entirely compatible.
On another note its sure seems like dealer experience has been flawless for you.

Carpediem 03-22-2019 04:11 PM


Originally Posted by JagMan (Post 12393)
On another note its sure seems like dealer experience has been flawless for you.

My experience with the Sales team was not great however, the Service department has been excellent, probably because I escalated my concerns to the JLR Customer Experience team.

JagMan 06-16-2019 07:42 PM


Originally Posted by Carpediem (Post 12403)
My experience with the Sales team was not great however, the Service department has been excellent, probably because I escalated my concerns to the JLR Customer Experience team.

Once automation hits the dealer level of the auto industry I believe sales will be the first to go. So in the future it might not be an issue ;)

Leo Weston 06-20-2019 05:55 PM

Everyone I know with JLR products don't have a single complaint. Even better news is JLR is just starting to grow the brand.

If anyone is disappointed, hold out a little longer, or at least complain so they can try resolving your issue.

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