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Well, i'm not a fan of Audi's Q models. I don't juge them by the quality only the exterior design is not my CoT.

Some of BMW 's X models (I currently own a BMW) are ok. But I don't want to buy a big SUV so the X1 could be up for the task. Third best option

Mercedes has nothing to my likings (read too expensive).

Range Rover's Discovery Sport is a good contestant. My son just bought one a few weeks ago.

And then there's the Macan but that would mean I'd have to find one second hand (CPO) at a reasonable price.

As you can read, I left all other brands out. You'd propably call me old fashion, but just the thought buying a car from a European brand (what's in a name) gives me a good/better feeling

Only thing that bothers me is the fact that I would like a gasoline engine with a manual transmission, but that's hard to find these days

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