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Originally Posted by rayquayle View Post
I look forward to seeing your pictures. A couple of mine here. I'm in the UK, but I'm an American, so I immediately set my units to Fahrenheit and it has not changed. What software version are you on? I'm on S19C_19.46.4-458817. There is a S20A_20.07.5-507626 out, but the SOTA for it has been suspended while they are investigating a "potential concern" what ever that means. As for the flash drive, I'm also using a 128Gb, but I've formatted it FAT32. Not sure if that makes a difference, but mine works fine. Check your ICTP software version, that could fix both issues you're having.
Great looking ride you have, Rayquayle! I really like that color. I'll get pics of mine up soon. Thank you for the advice. I'll try formatting my drive as FAT32 and add a couple songs and see if it works when I get home. I'm not sure what version of software I'm on, either, but I'll check that out later. I *DO* know that when I performed "update software," it said I'm on current version - no update available.

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