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Originally Posted by HiwaKika View Post
Just got mine on Sat.

Fingers crossed after reading about so many issues.

Off the bat, I need to know why the dealer is hustling me to sign up for InControl and why the salesman cannot answer my questions.

Does it cost anything after the 3-month Trial?

Can I opt out when the trial period ends?

Do I need InControl?

Thanks in advance for any input!
Hope you enjoy your new ride. The InControl is, I think market oriented. Mine was included for three years here in the UK. The SIM I was provided is good for 500Mb per month, also included for the first three years. Do you need it? Heck no! You only need your car to start, stop and go to get you from one location to another, but some of the features are cool. The remote start for climate control is great in that you can start it and set the temperature from anywhere in the world using the app on your phone. Not that I'd necessarily want to start my car in the UK while I'm in the US, but I could imagine parking the car at the airport, traveling to the US with my wife, her coming back without me and needing help finding the car in the vast airport parking lot. She could give me a ring and I could activate the flash and beep to help her find it and I could even unlock the doors for her. Being able to lock the car from the app is also cool if you'd forgotten. The app shows the status of windows, locks, alarm and car's location. The journey planner could also be useful for some that need the information for business travel expenses. Or say you're away and you have house sitters. You check the app and journey planner to see that your house sitters not only took your car for a ride, you can even see where they went! All the little features are cool, but if I was paying an additional monthly fee, I'd have to think long and hard as to whether the cool factor is worth it. Your mileage may vary.

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