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Jaguar is planning 2 new small SUVs that could use a BMW platform

Jaguar is reportedly adding to their lineup with 2 small corssover SUVs that could be built on BMW platforms as part of their recent partnership. According to Autocar it also opens up the possibility of a new entry-level Land Rover alongside the Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport.

The blossoming alliance between Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and BMW has already expanded. Autocar sources have recently revealed that the German car maker is set to supply JLR with four and six-cylinder internal combustion engines in both standard and hybrid form.

That move to sharing engines has now opened the real possibility that JLR and BMW are aligning themselves to take a much bigger step: sharing an advanced small car platform.

A pair of super-economical baby Jaguars – already in the early stages of development pending a green light for production in the middle of the next decade – could now be based on BMW’s new FAAR platform for front-wheel-drive models.

The two new models are expected to be a small SUV and a similarly sized coupé crossover and they are likely to carry the ‘Pace’ name as part of the firm’s SUV family.

In addition, the next-generation Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport models, which are due in the second half of the next decade, could be sibling vehicles to the next-generation Mini Countryman and BMW X1 models in a further deepening of the alliance.

An expansion into platform sharing also opens the way for JLR to build the long-rumoured entry-level Land Rover model, which, as Autocar revealed early last year, could revive the Freelander name.
Although details are very thin on the ground, the new baby Land Rover is likely to be an urban-focused – although still highly capable – compact off-roader inspired by the looks of the new Defender. This potentially Freelander-badged car would be able to trace its roots back to the DC100 concept of 2011, which found favour for its fun, compact design but not as a replacement for the Defender, as it was originally intended.

The two Jaguars are also likely to be crossovers, one more coupé-like than the other and both sold as part of the Pace SUV family. Inspiration for the lower-roofed new Jaguar might come from the 2003 R-D6 hatchback concept, the first Jaguar design of ex-design boss Ian Callum. The names A-Pace, B-Pace, C-Pace and D-Pace are all available to Jaguar.

All three potential models are expected to be priced from around £24,000 and all will be hybrid. Most of the variants will use plug-in technology as part of the move to reduce JLR’s fleet CO2.

The key date for the three new vehicles – as well as the third-generation Evoque and Discovery Sport – will be 2025, when the next round of strict and rigorously enforced EU fleet CO2 regulations come into force.
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