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One review (and there are others) aren't exactly in favor of the adaptive setup as you will see here:

When we first drove the Jaguar E-Pace, we felt that it was fun, but could be better still with adaptive suspension. This would take the edge off its firm ride; it seems Jaguar agrees, because the E-Pace can now be ordered with Adaptive Dynamics variable dampers.

The triple-tube dampers add intelligence to the ride. Body movements are monitored every 2 milliseconds, and damping force recalculated every 10 milliseconds. Jaguar says it improves control and lessens body roll, but also takes the edge off rough road surfaces. It even improves off-road prowess.

We think theyll be a must-have for the E-Pace. Jaguar has yet to confirm a price, but Adaptive Dynamics on the F-Pace costs around 1,000.
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